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For the period of July 1 - 10, 2016 Moscow city art park “Muzeon” hosted the 5th Moscow International Gardens and Flowers Festival “Moscow Flower Show”.

For the 5 years of its existence, the Festival had become a significant cultural event in Moscow, important tool to demonstrate the best examples of landscape architecture and landscape design, the platform for the exchange of professional experience and knowledge.
The important part of the Festival was the program for children and families – movie and TV stars together with their kids have built mini-gardens under the supervision of the experienced professionals.

President of the 5th Moscow International Gardens and Flowers Festival Moscow Flower Show 2016 Karina Lazareva focused attention on the importance of the Festival, saying that "for the period of five years, the Festival became a real creative platform for many people, who are in love with this profession, for thousands of visitors from more than 100 cities and a dozen countries. The Festival, whose main task is to contribute to the development of landscape architecture and landscape design in Russia, gave a start to many Festival projects across the country, inspired by young designers and landscape architects to new creative experiments, supported cultural, charitable and socially significant initiatives."

Photo by Mikhail Scheglov


James Alexander-Sinclair, accredited judge of the Royal Society of gardeners and a popular BBC programs host traditionally headed prestigious competition jury.

Recalling his first visit to Moscow five years ago, James mentioned that he was not aware what to expect from the Festival, because he had no idea about the Russian landscape gardening art: "I was honored to visit the historical Gorky Park and to see all the splendor of different gardens. I was pleased to see all that. Since then I began to return to Russia every year and every time I more and more admire the achievements of Russian landscape designers. During the Festival you can always find not only beautiful and artfully decorated gardens, but also the first of its kind, the original ideas ".

Photo by Mikhail Scheglov

Jury cochairman of the “Moscow Flower Show”, Vice-President of French gardens and parks Fund, Princess Marie-Sol de la Tour d’Auvergne also mentioned the diversity of gardens represented at this year’s Festival, as well as a larger range of plants used.



Designed by Tatiana Goltsova

Imperial Garden |

"The Imperial Garden: Revive" is conceived as a message from Russia: "It is time to revive!” It's time to revive relations between the countries, people, nature. We can do it all together. We only need to focus on what unites us. "

A joint project of the one of the largest “Imperial Garden” garden centre and landscape designer Tatiana Goltsova, who won the silver medal at the prestigious landscape world exhibition RHS Chelsea Flower Show. The project supported by the German ornamental plants nursery Lorberg and Ukrainian sculptor Victoria Chichinadze.



Designed by  Alexander and Ekaterina Zhukov

Wild grasses |  

Garden “On the edge of the universe" is a garden of a fiction fan.
Why people like fiction? It is an opportunity to introduce the future today. Usually we are facing fiction in the books or movies, but since we are gardens designers we have decided to create a garden on the basis of this genre. The style of the garden includes recognizable images from the movies - outline of the spaceship, lack of the usual geometry, sculpture of an alien.



Designed by Oksana Piskareva, Natalia Yemelyanova

Landscape burea Gardie  |

Khokhloma is a unique Russian handicraft, known for more than three hundred years, a unique phenomenon not only in Russia, but also in the world of art. While creating our garden, we tried to convey warmth and simple beauty of folk art products and remind that ideas for your garden's compositions can be found if we look to traditional crafts.




Designed by 
Jonas Egger
Grinhjens Gmbh (Switzerland)

Garden idea about this film came to us quite suddenly. This is a story about brothers living in the majestic mountains of Montana, on the eve of the First World War. Being totally different brothers live a spiritual life, but with age it is becoming less common between them. All that they still have in common is a joint fishing, same as they used to have during their childhood.

There are no sharp turns in this story similar to nature itself. It is necessary to calmly and attentively observe in order to see more. The stunning beauty of Montana nature, it’s like you feel the majestic stillness of mountains, pristine beauty of forests, fascinating river flow.



Designed by Ivan Bugaev

BUGAEV parks & gardens  |

Inspiration for our garden had been derived from two themes of the Festival -cinematograph and Great Britain.
The movie is creating exciting stories that have been born in the human imagination. It is an opportunity to travel to different universes and epochs. While planning this “Cabinet” we’ve focused on Georgian architectural style with it’s passion for antique symmetry and accuracy.


Designed by Irina Tarasova, Tatiana Kudrina

Landscape bureau  |

One of the most amazing and spectacular natural scenes is flowering feather grass steppe. While creating the garden-installation Belgorod architects and designers show the fragility and charm of ñretaceous landscapes of their Motherland, draw attention to the problem of preservation and renewal of rare Red Book plants. These plants are touchingly vulnerable and at the same time strong and resistant. Authors with all responsibility declared: while creating the garden feather grass was safe.



Designed by  Denis Kalashnikov, Ekaterina Bolotova

Art project "Cranberry"

Our garden is dedicated to the oeuvre of the famous filmmaker A. Tarkovsky. All his films are the stories about the place he was living, about Russian nature and Russian soul. Artistic imagery of cinema is the most appropriate language for Tarkovsky’s expression of the deepest intuitions concerning the essence and destiny of a person in our imperfect, but approaching perfection world. We tried to stop shots from the film "Stalker", "Solaris", "Mirror", "Andrei Rublev" and capture them in the garden.



Designed by  Ilia Mochalov

Ilia Mochalov and Partners  |

"Smart Garden" was created by the team of landscape architecture specialists of "Ilia Mochalov and Partners”.
"Smart Garden" is an interpretation of the classical culture of European gardens in combination with modern technologies, integrated in the Baroque style. During XVII-XVIII centuries European gardens and parks were used for informal communication and games. Similar to classical regular parks this garden includes "fraudulent" gaming elements, mirrors, topiary forms and fountain. Video installation and interactive project "Persons in the Park" highlighted the innovative approach to the classics.



Designed by  Oksana Khleborodova
Author’s Garden  |

An interactive garden-imagination on the themes of main French landscape architectural methods, affected in the Russian soul and Russian gardening.


All photo by Mikhail Scheglov



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